A deer in the yard starts the day off right

As I sat on the porch this morning waking up I saw a deer run across the yard and jump the fence. At first I couldn't believe my eyes, but it was so neat. We do not normally have deer in the yard and that is one thing I miss from the little time we were in Michigan. What makes it so much better is this was the 2nd time this week that I saw wildlife that we normally do not see from our yard. Yesterday we had 5 bald eagles flying over the house, in and out of trees and landing on one right by the pond. From what I was told they use to nest there until about 3 years ago when the osprey's chased them away.

Seeing the deer put a good day in motion. I managed to shower and get ready for school before Isaac woke up. We are working on the schedule, but after today I see where I need to switch a few things around. After lunch the boys are pretty much out of school mode except for finishing up work and reading. I also have found that by doing SOW first thing in the morning we are taking to long and not getting to our math and science. Tomorrow I plan on switching the classes around a bit and seeing if it works better. We are also starting our morning devotions back up. We have fallen out of the habit of having them, and we need to make it our first priority in the morning.

This afternoon Xavier taught me how to throw a football. I know I have been shown before, but I did not remember how. This of course thrilled him for a couple of reasons: 1) he taught me and 2) he got to toss the ball around. We tossed it around for a good hour or so. He is now talking about teaching me to play catch. I asked him if he actually thought I was going to catch a baseball. Yes, was his answer, and laughed. Doesn't having a baseball thrown towards you mean you are suppose to duck or run away from it?

Isaac tried to play ball also and he threw a woofle ball to me and I would throw it back. We tried to get Micah to play with us but throwing a football is definitely not his thing. Oh well, maybe next time.

Oh - Xavier finished the starter book for Awana. This is his first year so he had to go through the first 7 steps booklet to be able to get his shirt and actual book. He s quite happy that he finished the last 3 steps tonight and next week we are going to get his shirt and actual book. WAY TO GO Xavier!!

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