Option 3 - Don't Vote

It is amazing to me how Christians are so divided over who we should vote for in the upcoming election. A majority of the people I know will probably vote for McCain, they prefer his stand on abortion, the military and other issues but a few have chosen to vote for Obama. I think we should take option number 3 and NOT vote.

I know, it sounds horrible, unpatriotic, it's a dereliction of our civic duty or is it? We must remember that we who have been born again are to look to Christ. His kingdom is the only true kingdom and His governing is the only one worth living for. The kingdom's of the world will pass away. They are not of God, although God alone will appoint those who He wants to lead the world's governments. Will he appoint those who are not Christians - yes, that is obvious. Is it our duty to try and appoint those who we feel will lead us in a Christian direction - debatable. We must remember that the world will become more ungodly according to the Bible. Only at the appointed time when the Lord calls us home will we have a perfect world and kingdom. Until then we will be in a sin filled world and we must be a light in the darkness. But do we compromise our saltiness by voting for either candidate?

I believe we do, Obama obviously has policies that a Christian should not support. McCain while coming across pretty clean for the most part has decided to ask a woman to be VP. We all know that Obama's issues get a way range of publicity from Christians who are against him but why are all the Christians rallying around someone who blatantly is disrupting the order of headship and who has decided to take sides with the feminist movement? Voting for the lesser of 2 evils is still a vote for evil. Are we not to separate ourselves from the world and the evil that it contains?

Oh, how far we have fallen since He first saved us. We can not save a condemned world but we can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be a light to those in the darkness. We can not vote for the one who everything belongs to, well unless you write in Jesus Christ on the ballot. No one on earth can be without sin, for we all have fallen short of the glory of God but we can choose to either vote according to our own flesh because that is where our opinions come from or we can vote from a Biblical standpoint. For myself the Bible clearly states what we should or should not do and I cannot vote for either Obama or McCain when looking at it from a Biblical worldview.

We must all ask ourselves where we stand when it comes to voting and the upcoming election. I pray that whatever you choose to do you do with much prayer and remember whether you go to the voting booth or not:
We are not of this world...
The world does not know him...
We must pray for our leaders and the nations...
We must shine our light in the world AND stay away from evil.


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Anonymous said...

If you don't vote - Obama and all of his evil will win. His policies will become law. Homeschooling could become illegal and your children would be forced to go to public schools that would teach his Marxist tenants. Eventually, churches that preach that homosexuality is wrong (or monogomy, abortion, Christianity in general) will lose their tax-free status, which will cause many to have to shut down. We know from Revelations that things will get worse and worse. Why on earth do we need to speed them up and subject our children to the wrath of Obama. Have you noticed the similarities on the Dems ticket? It's just one letter changed and three small adjacent added letters to change from Obama Biden to Osama BinLaden. Think about it.

It is our duty as Americans to vote. Millions of Americans have died defending our right to vote. Many women also suffered grave injustices to win the right for women to vote. Not voting is an affront to their service and sacrifice. I think if you asked the majority of the soldiers in Iraq right now, they would tell you the same thing.