Tuesday's Happenings

The boys and I went to "Mom's Group" at Deltona Lakes Baptist Church today. We had a nice time and are going to be checking out there co-op tomorrow. I really like the ladies there and the church seems pretty nice. We are going to go on Sunday and see if we like it. We are not leaving our home church but we may go to both. Xavier and Micah had fun hanging out with other kids. They played on the playground and then Xavier tossed a football around with a few other boys.

On the way home we ran by Wal-Mart to pick up a few items. I got a new dry erase board, it would have been cheaper to get a tile board instead but I wanted it now and I don't have a place to put the tile board. Now we can go back to having our English lessons like we use to. I cannot wait to get started!! I started doing vocabulary with Micah. He gets 1 word a day (for now) soon we will move up to 2 words. He is making a vocabulary notebook. I decided to wait until next year before I begin this with Xavier. As I need to separate them somewhat. Xavier has started his Astronomy book that he got for Christmas. Which is really interesting but we have to discuss certain aspects of it because it is not a creation point of view. But it makes for some interesting conversations.

Anyways got to go save the diapers from being thrown all over the floor. peanut strikes again...

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