Pioneer Settlement

I forgot my camera - boo hoo, so unfortunately I don't have any pics to post of today's field trip.

We joined up with IMPACT (a homeschool group) for a trip to The Pioneer Settlement. The boys had a wonderful time. It was a hands on learning experience at its best.
The setting: colonial times
The activities: dipping candles, weaving a rug using a big loom, making butter, spinning wool (by hand), feeding the farm animals, visiting the country store and an old 1 room home and the best part watching a blacksmith.

The blacksmith was awesome and my kids talked about it on the way home. As soon as the blacksmith heard we were a homeschool group he started talking about the Lord. Giving us verses (Genesis 4:22) about Tubal-Cain, the word bellows is only once in the Bible (Jeremiah), a blacksmith had to make the nails that were used to nail Christ to the cross, and other tid bits of information. My boys were totally impressed with him demonstration of why you never touch metal in a blacksmith shop. He made a nail and a horseshoe, well a donkey shoe while we were visiting him. It was truly a blessing to have him working today.

The only downfall to the day was that when we left the house this morning it was not that chilly. Xavier was in shorts and t-shirt, Isaac in shorts but by the time we got to Barberville it was down right cold. Luckily I had my Nebraska hoody in the car for Xavier to put on and a blanket to wrap Isaac in.

It was a really nice day and I am so glad that we were able to go. The only sad thing about today is that because I woke up late, I was not able to go walking this morning like I had planned. That is okay though, next week I will definitely make it to the walking group.

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