Sat 1/5

Today we headed out the door to make Castle Banks @ Home Depot. They are pretty cool. Xavier lets me help him but Micah prefers I stay away from him after the first time we made something at Lowe's because I skipped a step in the directions. Micah is now staining his while Xavier has decided it is time to play video games.

We did make it out to Journey's End Sanctuary . It was really neat. Xavier was in heaven in the cat house. He petted and petted and played with a lot of them. He even got some of the kittens to come out of hiding. Micah although he liked the cats ok preferred hanging out with the dogs. The sanctuary has 150 cats, 55 dogs, 2 pigs, 4 horses, 3 sheep and chickens and roosters. It runs on donations only. So I am sure they need a lot! We plan on going back out there next week. We all seemed to really enjoy it, even Isaac. Although he didn't like some of the kisses he started getting. It was perfect for the boys though especially since this is exactly what they want to turn our own house into. After volunteering and doing some of the clean up work we will see if the still feel the same way.

I think we are going to visit the local Humane Society also. The one locally gives tours to school age children. I plan on contacting them this week to try and set up a field trip. Now if I could only get them to come up with some kind of service project...

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