Monday Madness

We got up this morning and headed for church (yes on a Monday) supposedly they had camp forms at the office - but they don't. So we are still waiting to get them. Hopefully they will put them up on the camp website soon because the deadline for turning them in is Jan 27th. I did get the church scholarship form though - the church pays $100 per child if you are a member. So that will drop the price down to $500 for both of the boys to be able to go.

Afterwards we stopped by my momma's house and checked out her new computer. It is nice looking :-) We hung out there and talked for a little bit then headed back to the house. The boys had lunch then we did some schoolwork.

The boys had cub scouts this evening. What fun, lol. Micah made a wallet out of leather and Xavier started planning his Pinewood Derby Car. I chased Isaac up and down the halls of the church since I am suppose to stay there at the meeting. Afterwards we came home and the boys hung out and watched TV until bedtime at 9.
Isaac didn't go down until almost 10 so I am praying he sleeps most of the night.

I need to get back on a routine. Which is really hard to do because we are living at my MIL. But I think we are just going to have to go back to doing things they way they worked for us. Xavier needs structure and having everything in fly by the seat of your pants mode has been testing my patience and he is testing his limits.

We still have no idea where we are going but after talking with my 2nd mom (aka MIL) I feel better about staying here at her house. I also am not worried about it as much because I know that for now I will probably be here until Joel finds something out or July if not longer, lol. I just have to remember the Lord has a plan. I may not know what it is and wish I was let in on it. But He does have a plan.

So for now. I am at least a little more at peace with everything that is going on.

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