Time flies by...

I know I should be taking pictures but that would involve getting the camera out of my car where it has been sitting for the past couple of weeks. Last Tuesday the boys and I were blessed with the arrival of my sister's new baby, Natalie!! Yay! The boys were excited to see their new cousin.

Tuesday we went to Daytona Museum of Arts & Science and explored the current exhibits. The boys loved the exhibit of photographs from WWII but were not impressed with the Greek art (Xavier was especially distraught over the male nudity on some of the vases). This of course led into many discussions.

Wednesday we headed over to Daytona again to see the baby. Afterwards we went to the local Christian bookstore where I was able to pick up 2 books I wanted to use for school and Xavier bought a necklace. We ended the day at a local park where the boys played with some friends while I toured what is going to be the new art center located at the park. The center offers homeschool classes in Spanish, Art, Writing and Theater. I thought the day was done until I got home and remembered that Xavier had basketball camp starting that evening. The camp was Wed., Thurs., and Friday for a couple hours each night. Needless to say he had a blast and has been dribbling ever since.

We continued to review the first lesson in SOW last week. Micah and Xavier have been really getting into reading their Bible each morning before school. Micah has even taken to reading it at night before bed. What a blessing to see! It has been so wonderful to put the Lord first each day and use His word for our school work. I sat down this weekend and "planned" the next couple of weeks out. We are spending about 2 weeks on each SOW lesson. So far the plan is:

week a
Monday - Reading, Penmanship, Outline, English #1 in SOW
Tuesday - Penmanship, Vocabulary, Topical, English #2-4 in SOW
Wed. - Reading, Penmanship, Character, English #5 in SOW
Thursday - Penmanship, Setting, English #6 in SOW, Literature (Short Story or Book)
Friday - Penmanship, Commentary, English #7 in SOW

week b
Monday - Reading, Penmanship, Sci/Geo/History
Tuesday - Penmanship, Sci/Geo/History
Wednesday - Reading, Penmanship, Creative Writing
Thursday - Pemanship, Creative Writing and/or Elective, Literature (Poetry)
Friday - Memory Verse Quiz, Elective

During the second week we are using extras for English pulling from Rod & Staff or Learning English with the Bible. We also use things from Remembering God's Awesome Acts the second week. We plan any field trips which correspond with the SOW lesson for Friday ofthe second week.

Well I hope you have a wonderful day... I need to get to bed. God Bless :)


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