Weekly Update

This week has gone by so quickly. We started the week off great but life happened so we had to put school on hold Thursday and Friday. We have begun SOW Lesson 2 and are diving into Genesis 2. We managed to get our outline, vocabulary and memory verse done this week. I was hoping to finish the Language Arts section but we will pick it up Saturday. Yes, I did say Saturday! Next week the boys leave for a camping trip/birthday party Monday morning and I do not pick them back up until Wednesday morning. So we are going to work on SOW Saturday and then finish it up next Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We finished reading Island of the Blue Dolphins this week. Both boys have completed their rough draft for a book review and will be typing it up next week as well as making a cover for the book and writing a short author biography.

Last weekend Micah built his first shelf. He did everything but use the circular saw. I am not sure what he is planning on building next but he can't wait to get his own set of tools.


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