Monday's News

I should have known it was going to be an "off" day when I woke up this morning and the boys were jumping around the house. Micah decided to conveniently clean out the car from this past weekend when we were fixing to start school but that is okay because it gave me a few minutes with Xavier do review our math and he was able to take the test and fact test. While Micah worked on his math Xavier did his science and history reading. English was put on hold along with SOW because Micah had started his science while I was putting Isaac down for his nap.

Today for SOW we worked on the topical study "helper". As we discussed our scripture verse my 2 dear sons thought it would be funny to draw pictures of their future wife. Well... draw pictures of their brothers future wife. First they were funny pictures, then Xavier decided to draw a French girl. Now I am not sure what made her French but here is a stick girl with a dress, scarf and sunglasses on her head. He went to draw high heels but Micah piped up that he doesn't like heels so she became barefooted. After his drawing Micah says in a French accent (or at least what he thinks is a French accent) "Me like French girl". Xavier then informed us he wants a Swedish wife. Ok.. this is not where this lesson was suppose to go. But the class clowns just kept rolling along. Thankfully they did understand the lesson, even though they goofed around a bit :-)

Tonight we have music practice and then we are going by my momma's house for a little while. We have to leave a little earlier than planned because my dear son Xavier broke the chin piece off his violin. How he managed that I still don't quite understand.

Oh - the boys birthday party/camping trip was canceled because of Hurricane Faye. The boys were not thrilled at all but what that is how it goes at times. Anyways, hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

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