Friday's Ramble

Yesterday I broke the news to the boys that dad won't be home in October like planned. Surprisingly they took it pretty well. As anyone in the military knows nothing is ever set in stone so his 1 year unaccompanied tour will now be a 15 month tour. But because of deployment dates here in the states Joel is hoping that he can extend for 2 years in Korea and bring us over after all. We should know pretty soon on whether it will be approved or not. I have been tasked out to get the EFMP paperwork on Xavier filled out because that may have a bearing on if they will let us over. Because Xavier was diagnosed with asthma they turned him down on Germany tour. To be honest I am not sure how much I want to go to Korea but it does mean I will be able to be with my hubby for 2 years without deployments (unless something drastically changes). However, I am looking to the Lord and trusting He will put us where we are suppose to be. I just wish he would hurry up. Patience is something I desperately need, don't pray for and still have to learn.

On another note... Xavier is getting quite good at chess. He has finally gotten the strategy part down. Which means that I have to actually pay more attention to the board now and not make silly mistakes which he did not notice before. Micah and him played a couple of games today, I played Xavier once and I have to play Micah tomorrow. I think we are back to the "good old days" and will be playing chess for hours each day like we use to do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night! I am off to surf...

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