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Like most people I grew up thinking that the Bible version you read did not matter because they were all the Word of God. I have known a few people who read only the KJV but it was never an issue so I just continued on my way. Until recently when I heard a sermon online about why the KJV is the only true Word of God. Oh WoW! According to the sermon certain translations have not only changed words so the original meaning was also changed but certain words and verses had been totally deleted. After personally going through my Bibles and looking at the differences I decided to further study this issue. After reading both sides of the KJV debate and sorting through what versions come from what texts and manuscripts I have decided to join the ranks of the KJV only crowd. The decision to switch was actually quite simple once I understood where the Bible translations came from and I saw the changes and omissions in my various Bibles. Of course my poor brain does not understand why so many churches have allowed these bibles with deleted verses in their church and even worse why they preach from them. Satan will get his hold on whatever he can I suppose. I just pray the Lord continues to open my eyes to the truth and He leads me on the path I am to go.


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Joanne said...

We use the KJV only ... in general. For one ... I simply like it! The grammar is wonderful and it flows so nice. Even though it has 'old English', it seems easier to read. Another reason we use mostly KJV is because, like you said, it seems it is the most reliable (I did the research like you and it was all so interesting!).

However ... I still look words up in Strongs! (and in the 1828 dictionary) There are a few things in KJV that can be confusing and Strong's has helped. A good example is the word "divorced" in Matt. 5:32 ... I posted a whole blog about this word! All other times it is translated "put away", but for some reason it says "divorced" here ... why? I have no idea. And there IS a difference between 'divorced' and 'put away' ... so it does matter :)

I have a few sites listed on the side of my blog that are heavy into KJV; Dial-the-Truth ministries is one of them. Then I have a few that are not so heavy into it; Bethel Ministries is one.

God bless you as you seek His will!

In Christ,