Tuesday's Miracles

First thing I saw this morning when I opened my eyes was a naked butt. I looked up and yep, the diaper has been discarded in the middle of the bedroom floor and Isaac is sound asleep beside me. As cute as he looked, I know better than to leave him like that, lol. The boys had let me sleep in so it was already 8:20 when I woke up. Before I even left the bedroom I could hear the vacuum running. They had already had breakfast and were doing their chores! The first miracle of the day! I grabbed up the school books and started setting up the table with supplies they would need today. The second miracle of the day - they did not argue or even make a face and they quickly set to work! It was a glorious day for chores and school.

This afternoon we played around outside for a little bit. Micah decided he would "keep an eye" on Isaac (as you can see he got away).

Seems he was to busy reading the new "Home Science Tools" magazine that came in the mail today.

Meanwhile Xavier was examining a leaf bug they caught.

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Leah said...

Little boys do seem to get away very quickly! Lol!
Anyway, just me stopping in to thank you for sticking with me in this challenge! I know God will reward us for being faithful.