Heart of Prayer

Oh Lord, help me have a heart of prayer. I try so hard to pray and Satan is waiting for me, I fall asleep, my mind wonders, my thoughts are side tracked. Lord, help me speak to you, help me hear your voice.

Lord how do I pray when it seems I have a laundry list to ask for.
- my child who is sick
- those who are not saved
- my friends who are ill
- people who are hurting
- my children
- my husband
- things you have laid upon my heart
- guidance and understanding

I do not want to bring a laundry list to your Lord. Yet, this is what I do. Oh to Praise your Name. Praise You for opening my eyes. Praise You for working in my life. Praise You for all that You have done for me.

Help me Praise You and teach me to pray.
In Jesus Name


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OklahomaSweetPea said...

Thank you for swinging by my blog and saying hello, and even leaving me your blog address so that I may return the favor. I love the cleanness of your template and the pictures of the kiddo playing around, looks so happy!!