This Week's Events

It is amazing how time can sometimes fly by you without you realizing it. The past week or two have been like that for us. In some ways it is good but in others I still haven't accomplished all that I had planned. I will have to post some photos over the weekend of things we have been up to :-)

The boys are taking a spelling class and a poetry class now. The first week they were not to thrilled with poetry at all! By the second week - they love it! Which is really neat and as for the spelling they are doing quite well. I am very proud of them. They have not quite found their place among the other students but they are getting there. Sometimes it is hard being the new kids ;-)

Tuesday I came down with the beginning of a sinus infection and by Wed. morning I was dying from pain. Some pain pills took care of it long enough for the boys and I to hit the farmer's market that morning. We bought all kinds of veggies: kohlrabi, tomatoes, onions, green beans, red potatoes, and other things. Yummy! We ate some of the kohlrabi that night with the chicken noodle soup Granny made. Granny has a cold and between her cold and my sinus issue she figured it would be good for us. I came home from the market and slept off and on, you know the dozing of a mother who is totally crashed but can hear the instant the little one is into trouble. Big brothers did help out some and even did some school work on their own (I think they are becoming ill, lol).

Thursday - I am dying from pain still and lying on the floor. My dear little peanut decided to throw a fit and head butt me in the face. I now have a black eye. It is amazing how people look at you when you walk around the store with a black eye. You know they are thinking some horrible things but I forgot it was black until people started looking at me. See how much I pay attention to my own face. Note to self - buy makeup for emergency reasons.

Friday - Arbor Day! We headed down to city hall to join in on the festivities. Micah answered the question "Who started Arbor Day?" correctly and got to pick out a plant to take home (he picked a Canna). I got some hedge plant and we all got long leaf pine trees to plant. After visiting booths, planting wildflowers in a pot to take home and eating free popcorn, the boys joined some other homeschool students on stage to play djembe drums. They had fun and helped other kids who were with a daycare play. Afterwards we took our new plants/trees home and then headed over to doggy sit at my Momma's house. Not sure what is on our agenda for the weekend yet, I am sure we will find something fun to do...

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