A Little Fun & Sick Kids

I dropped the boys off Saturday at Aunt K & Uncle M, then headed to the mall. After trying on a bunch of clothes I figured out what size I wear but that was all I accomplished. Most of the clothes I like are to big and the ones that fit I won't wear. So armed with the knowledge of size I will start looking online. Isaac played with his cousin in the pool and had a great time. While Micah and Xavier went with their Uncle over to a friend's house to see his animals. He runs some kind of sanctuary for lizards, alligators, turtles, snakes and has lots of rats. They had a blast! Later they tried to go out on the river to fish but by the time they got to the boat dock it was storming pretty bad so they had to turn around and head back home.

Last night I awoke to Isaac coughing, which lasted off and on almost all night. As soon as I got him back to sleep and dozed off Xavier woke up with a toothache. Ughh. After dousing him with Anbesol I dozed off again, then Isaac was back awake. This went on all night. In the end Xavier had to take some medicine and Isaac had a breathing treatment which did not do any good. So we were up most of the night. I did manage to take a nap this afternoon with Isaac for a couple of hours. I just pray that tonight goes well and we are all able to get some sleep. Unfortunately, Xavier is coughing in his sleep...

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