A New Slate

Stupid me decided to update my blog here and was messing with it. Well I went to delete my homeschool blog as we are using homeschoolblogger for it and I wanted to just put it all on one page here. Oh no, I hit the wrong button and deleted the wrong blog!! So I lost all of my posts from the past 2 years - AGHHH!! The good news... I get to start a fresh. The bad news... it is all gone!!

Since I am starting fresh here, I have decided to start fresh all over. If you would like to view my online photos you can check them out at myphotoalbum.com they are password protected so email me and I will give you the info so you can look. I also have decided to be totally open on all things and not to censor my life and interests like I was doing. So I invite you to come back and see the Ramblings of a Mom!

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