Friday's Happenings

Today has been a lazy day. We were planning on dying Easter Eggs today but the boys have spent most of the day playing with friends. We did go up to the mall to the "Egg Hatchery" this afternoon. Every year they open it up so kids (and adults alike) can watch the baby chicks hatch from their eggs in the incubators and also so they can hold the baby chicks. They had a display of different eggs there so the kids could see the different sizes; from the pigeon to the ostrich and a few in between. Micah wanted to know how they got them like that and I showed him where they poked a hole in the egg so the stuff could be taken out of it.

This evening we are heading over to a friends for pizza and to roast marshmallows over a grill. The boys are so excited, lol. Not like they haven't been playing there all day.

Oh and my dear husband is watching Yu-Gi-Oh. I think he watches it more than the boys do. Meanwhile I am playing on the computer. That's life here at our house :-)

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