Schedules - Week 1

I have a love/hate relationship with schedules. I love making them but am horrible at implementing them. The bad part is we work better when we have a schedule in place whether it is for school or just general home life. However, we have not been sticking to any kind of schedule for the past couple of months. It has really become a free for all here and the chaos is taking over (along with attitudes and misbehavior). So what do I do?

I decided that I needed to start somewhere... but where? With me having to check my blood sugar I have really become aware of the time. Not sure that if that is good or bad but it is a beginning.

I am not writing out a strict schedule and trying to implement it all at once. Instead we are going to slowly work into a schedule that way I can make adjustments to it as needed. So with my "handy dandy notebook" in hand we are starting each day this week with a goal in mind. I am hoping to add a goal to each day and slowly work our way into a complete schedule over the next month or two. This way we make a habit of some things before we start school up.

Week 1
Monday - wake up and eat breakfast together as a family

Tuesday - complete Monday's goal and then complete our chores

Wednesday - complete Monday & Tuesday's goals

Thursday - complete Monday & Tuesday's goals then take a walk

Friday - complete Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's goal then ? (Friday is going to be co-op day so on the days we don't have co-op I would like to do something fun)

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