Only 7 More Weeks

to go.. and hopefully it will be less. I love being pregnant but I hate some of the things that come with it. The sleepless nights, backaches, and currently the exhaustion. I also am not to thrilled with the fact that my midwife informed me I was "old". Therefore not matter how hard I tried I had to take the glucose test again. Of course it came back BAD. So I got to spend Friday morning taking the "3 hour" test (which actually takes 4 hours). Plus having my blood rechecked again (we spent Wed. morning in the lab also) because my platelets are low. Good grief!! I am still waiting for results but am praying everything is normal and it was just a fluke. Tuesday I get to go back to the doctor to see an acupuncturist. The hope is that an acupuncturist will help get "baby girl" to turn her little behind around and get her head out of my ribcage. One can pray!

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