We have been pretty busy lately. Xavier started violin lessons last Monday and Micah starts piano lessons this coming Monday. I was able to schedule both of their lessons at the same time which is a real blessing because Monday's are busy days for us. The boys are still going to the One Room Schoolhouse for spelling and poetry. There are only a couple of classes left but during the summer they will be taking a painting class and solar cooking class at the Schoolhouse.

Joel called this morning and we should know where we will be going within 1 week. It is down to 2 places. Both have pros and cons, so let the Lord's will be done. he is not getting out of the army for the time being. He tried to follow protocol to get out 3 times and each time was blocked but something or another. So... We will continue being an Army family for the time being.

The boys are back on a chore schedule (Praise God). We were just doing chores by memory but that was not working out to well. They do so much better when they can look at a chart and see what is expected each day. They also get up and do their chores without being told and take more pleasure in the doing their work when the chart is used.

Isaac has taken up screaming. How does one stop that??? It is driving me batty. Oh well, we will figure it out. I was given a crib to use for him. He has never been in one but I am tired of him sleeping with me so I thought I would give it a shot - HA! It might as well be taken down and given to someone else. He will not have anything to do with it and I am tired of fighting him on this. He will scream for an hour in the crib but put him on the bed and he goes to sleep in minutes.

Other than that, we have been catching crickets and grasshoppers, playing on the trampoline, hanging out with family and doing school. Life has been pretty much the same old - same old. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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