I have been blessed! Micah is the son who loves books but hates to read (or be read to). His favorite books are field guides and encyclopedia's. This weekend he found a book that he LOVES... The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! We have already read the first 4 chapters and he would have gone for another one if his brother had not fallen asleep this evening, lol. Who would have ever thought?

We spent this weekend hanging out at home for the most part. Isaac has been sick and my car was broke down for a day. Papa J fixed it this morning so I was able to go visit Nana and Papa for a couple of hours. Yesterday we washed the car and did some schoolwork. The boys were not to thrilled about having schoolwork on Saturday - but life goes on.

I am trying to plan out our school for the summer. We have a lot going on and trying to figure out a schedule has been a little frustrating to say the least. i have faith it will all work out and that we will accomplish all that we need to and have lots of fun in the process. The boys on the other hand do not see how we can have that much fun if we are doing school. The poor little things - having to do school in the summer. Not like they don't take 1/2 the winter off, lol.

Tomorrow is the "End of the Year" party at The One Room Schoolhouse. So we will be hitting the store on the way for a couple of things we are suppose to bring. Then we have violin & piano lessons that evening only to leave the lessons and head straight to scouts. Only 2 more weeks of scouts left, thank goodness. I am so tired of scouts and unless scouts in other areas are different they will not be continuing at all. Micah is not thrilled about that but he understands that we will do what is best for him and his brother.

Anyways, I will try to post some pictures soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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