Book Junkie

Mistake #1 - going to a used curriculum sale
Mistake #2 - taking money with me
Mistake #3 - not having enough money
Blessing #1 - finding a few things I was fixing to order online
Blessing #2 - getting some good deals
Blessing #3 - not having more money

Today was the used curriculum sale here in town. Woo-hoo! I could have spent SO much money but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I only went with a certain amount of money on me. oh to have gone by an ATM...

I was blessed to find some of the books and items I wanted for the summer and upcoming school year. Here is what I managed to pick up:

Apologia's General Science book - $30 (brand new/older edition)
Learning English with the Bible Text & Diagram book - $1
Remembering God's Awesome Acts - $5 (Teacher & Student)
Winston Grammar Basic - $10
Saxon Phonics Intervention - $20
Handbook of Nature Study - $10
CLP Nature Reader 5 - $1
Christian Kids Explore Biology & Chemistry - FREE

I am so thrilled about my purchases, especially since I was going to order all of these online at full price. So I saved lots of money and that is priceless :-)

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