Recently on one of the groups I am on a lady asked about MOTH. I was surprised that only 2 of us have used it. In my opinion it is one of the best resources for Christian homeschooling families (meaning mom). Especially if you are anything like me, lol. My hubby says I am a great planner but the actual follow through seems to be a problem :-) Somewhere between me creating a schedule and implementing it I get side tracked. I always forgot about something I wanted to accomplish. Now I'd be lying if I said I started MOTH and everything was perfect. I still have to work at staying on task BUT the biggest difference is that I was able to block in time for everything I wanted to accomplish each day. My schedule isn't perfect but my family was a lot happier when it was in place.

Which is why I had to pull out the book again recently. When we moved to FL our old schedule fell apart and we have been floundering around like a fish out of water ever since. I wish we could be a fly by the seat of our pants family but it just doesn't work out to well. My boys and I thrive on structure. We just have to be careful that we don't let the clock rule us in the end. So the other night I sat down with my book and started putting our priorities down on paper. What I want the boys to accomplish daily, what I want to accomplish, and what just plain out needs to be done. Our needs have definitely changed since the last time we had a set routine. Our Bible study time in the evening no longer fits into a 1/2 hour slot and we want each of us to have time alone with the Lord on a daily basis. So... I finished up the rough draft and Tuesday we started implementing parts of it. Only problem - Wed. came. Which requires a whole different routine. So decision time has come do I just have Wed. be an off day or do I drop some of our outside activities to fit the routine we so desperately need?

Guess I will be doing a little prayer this evening...

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