Windbags, Tadpoles, Cookies & More

Today started out rough. Kids fighting, yelling, throwing tantrums, and me loosing my cool and yelling at kids. Ugh - I hate it when days go like this. The only conciliation I have is that after we all talked out a few problems we were able to get along the rest of the day and start having some fun.

First up windbags. No matter how often I pull these out, the kids never get tired of seeing how many breaths it takes to blow one up completely. So we blew up the entire stash and decided to make shapes and things out of them.




Sammy the Elephant

After an hour or so we decided to go for a walk. Isaac and I have been reading about tadpoles and Micah knows a place near the house. We headed to the secret place that Micah was taking us to, although only Micah saw the tadpoles we did find a frog in hiding and see some water striders. On the way Isaac had to impress me with adding 2+2, 2+3, and asking his brothers how much 5x5 is. Then we had to count mailboxes along the way

On the way back we stopped by the playground.

After lunch...
Isaac played with the windbags some more, watched more Thomas on YouTube -can you tell this is a daily occurrence and played with his trains.
Sabrina was suppose to go down for a nap, but decided it was more fun to stay away and climb in and out of her crib. Then she decided it was naked time.
Xavier watched another episode of Pysch (his fave show) and ditched us to go to the pool with friends.
Micah made Peanut Butter Cookies, practicde using the wood burning kit, and ditched us for the movies.

In the end it turned out to be a pretty good day. Think I will curl up with a book and eat cookies after we tuck the little ones into bed.

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