Atoms & Turkeys

Tuesday morning atoms were the rage at our house. Joel gave each of the boys a question concerning atoms. Micah spent the morning researching, building both out of Magnetix and having a huge discussion with Joel. I paid attention for the most part. I was right there with them as the talked about atoms and water molecules, but they lost me when they started discussing DNA, RNA, and genetic coding.

Xavier did some research on his IPod. Then decided he was going to write a song about atoms. He is almost done with it (so he says). He gave me a small taste of it, but I am still waiting to hear the final result.

While Sabrina napped Micah, Isaac and I headed back up to the library. Micah wanted to get some books on drawing. Isaac wanted to get whatever he could grab and I already had a handful to turn in and a list to pick up. I have been reading a lot of nutrition/GMO Foods/back to the land type books lately. So I picked up a few more of those along with a handful of Chemistry books for myself. Currently I am working on the "if I read it & talk about it - they may get interested and read it too" idea. It's not working out that great, but then the main topic of discussion over the last week has been about turkey sex or lack of it and having the job of being the "turkey sperm wrangler" (you need to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to get it). The boys are not to thrilled with the idea of reading about sex as it is, much less turkey sex. Oh well, maybe Chemistry will be different. Besides I never took it in High School so I might as well learn about it now. Maybe then when Micah decides to have these "chemistry" discussions with his dad I won't be out in left field.

The rest of our Tuesday consisted of video games, swimming at the pool, more talk about turkeys (specifically how we won't be eating one for Thanksgiving if I cannot find one which does NOT have the name Butterball on it, as I won't be eating a Broad White Breasted Turkey) and having a jail in our living room. Only the warden responsible for shutting off the living room decided to hide under the table.

Wednesday was not nearly as exciting and plain out sucked for me. I was not in a good mood. I woke up late & missed a meeting I was suppose to be at :-( Maintenance didn't show up to paint - must of mixed up the date on my calendar. Signed the older 2 up for Edge classes. Guess who agreed to be a taxicab every day for a month :-o Not sure what I was thinking there, but they both wanted drawing, skateboard design, and theater arts. Isaac went to gymnastics & I was suppose to meet someone afterwards only for them to not be there. Okay so I was 4 minutes late.... but seriously??

The boys spent the day reading, playing video games, talking about technology, and the Amish (thanks to another book I just finished reading). We also learned how Xavier will live in Maine on a farm and make his children wax the toilet for punishment if he doesn't make it into the Air Force and how women everywhere should be safe if he is around because he now knows how to deliver a baby in a cab (and pick a lock and kick down a door - thanks to a book he is reading).

For dinner we ditched all forms of good nutrition and had breakfast burritos, talked about Thanksgiving some more (yep we talked more turkey) then ended the day watching a show and goofing off. What turned out to be a crappy day had a wonderful ending. Well, except for the evil face we kept being given - don't be fooled, no matter how cute she looks right now - that is NOT the cute face...

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