What is the fascination...

with sticking stuff up one's nose?

Eight years after our last emergency room visit with a child because he stuck a bead (twice) and a rock in his nose (yes that is 3 er visits) Joel had to take our youngest to the er for the same reason. Only this time it was a bright blue BB from a pellet gun (not sure where he found the BB, but obviously he thought it belonged in his left nostril, lol). Although we tried to get him to blow it out before heading up to the local hospital, the trip took place. Luckily, he never had to be seen by the doctor, because he thought it was quite fun to sit in the waiting room and try to blow boogers into his daddy's hand.

Unfortunately, when asked "do we stick things in our nose?" hoping he had learned his lesson. His answer was "yes". Oh Lord, I do pray that we do not have more object in nose er visits from our son (or daughter to be).

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