Tuesday's Catch Up

This past week has been a busy one. Monday I went to my OB appointment. Everything looks good except little girl has not turned around yet. Theoretically she still has time, but I know it is getting cramped in there and all my other babies were head down by this time.

Wednesday was the FRG meeting. Joel ended up going to that because I needed to run a few errands. One being ordering a new part for our car. The cam shaft sensor was shot so everytime we drove anywhere in the heat the car would stall if we idled or not start if we turn it back on. The solution was pouring water over the cam shaft sensor. Praise God the part came in Friday morning. So Joel was able to fix it this weekend.

We had a wonderful visit with my parents this weekend. It was neat having them here. We checked out the Cav Museum and took them out to the hangar. Sunday they went to the Alamo and Xavier went with them. While Joel and I stayed home with Micah & Isaac washing clothes and packing Micah's stuff. Micah decided he was going on vacation this summer and Monday when my parents left to head back to Florida - Micah went with them.

Oh - Duchess (our great dane) has found a new home. She was beginning to be way to much for us to handle. She was great with Joel when he took her to work, but was a major problem at home. Gordo is now a little lost and needs lots of attention. But that is normal considering his playmate is now gone.

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