What We are Up To...

School - The boys have been chugging along in their school work. They finished their English book and are now starting on English & Reading 4. Xavier and Micah have both informed me they are not in 4th grade, lol. Silly kids, don't they know that it doesn't matter the grade of the book if they can do the work? Micah is learning his multiplication facts and Xavier has been rounding numbers lately. We are fixing to start reading about the "Wild, Wild West". Which should be a fun unit study. Meanwhile in Science they both have a science book they are reading although their quest to know about every animal out there is still underway.

Homelife - We are still trying to declutter our house. What I thought would take a few days maybe a week is taking a little longer. A month has gone by since we started the task of cleaning out our junk and we are nowhere near finished. It seems that I just don't have enough time to do it and everything else I am suppose to do each day, lol. Unfortunately at this rate I won't be done until next Christmas but I am hoping maybe, just possibly I will be finished by the end of February.

Joel is still recruiting and working God awful hours. With his long hours and the weather being so frigid the boys and I tend to get cabin fever and miss him greatly. Yet, we long to go south for the winter... actually let me be honest I am fed up with it here and about to leave for warmer temps. Yes, I understand it has not been warm "back home" but it is warmer than here.

Baby News - Isaac keeps growing and growing. On Jan. 19th he weighed 8 lb. 12 oz. needless to say he eats pretty well, lol. He is a little demanding and has been fussy the past couple of days. Today he has been a lot better though so maybe it has to do with the 6 week growth spurt. I can not believe he is almost 6 weeks... well he will be next Saturday. I will post more about what I am up to with him soon.

My Boys -
Micah and Xavier have almost finished their Pinewood Derby Cars. They only need to glue on their weights and put on the wheels now. The derby is at the end of Feb. (I think). They have both completed their trail (Micah - Bear trail & Xavier - Wolf trail) so now they are working on getting Arrow Points. Micah has completed enough for the gold arrow point and Xavier has a couple more to go and then he will have his gold one to.

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