Planning the Nursery

Isaac is sleeping in our room for the time being in his playpen/bassinet. It is just so much easier that way with him being little. However, I am planning his bedroom only problem is I am not sure where his bedroom will be, lol. We originally thought he could be upstairs but there are a few issues with that. Mainly being there is no heat in that room and well it is upstairs. So I have been thinking of putting him in the other room downstairs which is currently suppose to be an office/sewing room. Problem it is holding desks and items which we can not put upstairs and have no place for in the rest of the house. So I am at a lost and for now his nursery is being put together on a piece of paper.

What I am planning on doing though is have it set up Montessori style. Meaning it will be very simplistic. He will have a floor bed (we are not going to use a crib), an infant shelf which Joel is going to build him, a dresser, diaper changing area and possibly a chair with a small end table. We are planning on getting a mirror to place by his bed and the boys and I have made a couple of mobiles which he can look at. For now the mobiles are hanging in the living room. I will post a couple of pictures of them soon. They turned out really good for being homemade :-)

Poor Isaac... he won't have it made like his brothers. Being older and having a teacher mindset in some areas. What I know now that I didn't know when his brothers were tiny. We have decided not to buy him all the flashy, lights and action things. No swing, no excersaucer, no walker, no containment. Although we do have a little infant rocker we use and a johnny jumper we will use when he gets bigger. But other than that we also are not buying him a bunch of toys or at least not the ones you see in the local Wal-Mart. Instead we have decided to buy some age appropriate Montessori materials/toys and things which are fun but makes him use his imagination. I am sure occasionaly something on my no list will slip in especially with 2 older brothers but that will only be once in a while.

Anyways, Isaac is calling so until next time.
Love you!

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