The Boat Has Been Rocked!

Yesterday I went for my ultrasound. I had a wonderful tech, we laughed, joked and yapped while she snapped the pics she was suppose to take of the baby. The boys were so upset they could not be there for the ultrasound (they went with me when I was prego with Isaac). The wanted to know the sex of the baby so bad. So I did a nice thing and had the tech write it in a piece of paper. I asked for her to just write it down so we could open it together. Forgetting that I was getting pics... She took a pic of the sex and stapled it into a piece of paper. I even looked away so I did not know.

Joel has been working midnight to noon shift. So he was asleep when I got home, and we waited, and waited. When he woke up we found out. I was in shock!! She wrote below the picture "3 bright white lines. A girl!!" and on the pic it was typed "Think Pink".


Of course I was excited, but I was also in shock. I have 3 boys - this one definitely is gonna be different. The boat has been rocked for sure!! Last night I was scared. Girls have girly issues and DRAMA. Boys are easy. BUT by this morning I am already planning Mother - Daughter teas and Girl Scouts. Whoo Hoo! A girl!!

Who would have thought I would have ever had a girl.... only my Lord!! Praise his name! While I may have doubts of being a mom to a girl odviously He thought I could handle it ;-)

I guess it is time to change the name of my blog, lol
In Christ~


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WOOOHOOO You're going to LOVE having a girl!!!! Drama? YES! But so much fun!!!

Brooke said...

WOW!!! Tanya Congrats!! I didn't know you were expecting!! Girls are great! Just think, She is going to have 3 big brothers to look after her! Many many congrats to you. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!! Please keep in touch!!