Could It Be

an answer to prayer? Recently I came across a blog talking about workboxes. I was so intrigued with the system that I had to know more. After visiting other blogs who have started using workboxes and praying about it. I bought Sue Patrick's book and now I can not wait to set up our boxes. I have been printing off the scheduling strips and number strips along with the extra cards. Today I get to go buy my boxes ;)

One of the things that impresses me with the workbox system is the ability to put in those things you want to do in your home school but never get around to. I hope that by starting the worboxes I will take be able to let go of the "school at home" rut we have gotten into lately. The only problem I have though is I can think of a bunch of things I want to do or the boys want to learn but I don't think we still have enough time to do it all ;-)

** The Workbox System is a physical system which allows your child(ren) to move through their work in order. It is visual system that your kids can see: they see what they have to do, they see how much is left to do and they see the fun things coming up in a box ahead.

Sue Patrick is pretty set on using a shoe rack that will hold your shoeboxes (about 12) as the workboxes. At first I was going to try to "scale down" the workboxes because of room, but after reading the book I am going to stick with her shoerack & shoe boxes idea.

Each box is numbered and the child has a schedule strip on their desk telling them what to do (in order). You can have box 1-12 in a row or you can put in extra cards like lunch, group time, break, etc. The child moves in a sequential manner matching the # on their schedule strip to the matching workbox. They continue down the strip completing each activity/workbox. Once the strip is empty they are done for the day.

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