The Past 2 Months...

We are finally settling into our new home. Okay well I am to tired to settle in anymore so the upstairs closet and a corner in my dining room still need attended to. I may get to it eventually but for now I just don't look in those directions ;)

We picked out our new couch almost 2 weeks ago and it was delivered on Valentine's Day - the perfect Anniversary present!! We are still waiting for Micah and Xavier's bedroom sets to get here. Hopefully we will get them next weekend as the headboard for Micah's bed was scheduled to be in the warehouse Feb. 20th and it was the main thing we had to wait on. The boys are definitely excited about having new dressers, a nightstand and a bed for Micah. We are slowly getting new furniture, but we have been truly blessed!! Everything is paid for and we are sticking to not owing anyone anything.

Not a lot has been happening around here. Our days are pretty typical: wake up, eat breakfast, do chores, school, play outside/go to park, eat dinner, hang out, Bible reading, watch TV, go to bed.

Isaac talks more and more each day. We got him an imitation plasma car from Wally-World. He loves it, and spends his mornings riding in a circle around the house going to "work" like Dada. Of course he has 2 jobs: 1 he works on helicopters and 2 he is a police man. If he isn't riding his car, he is yelling at someone to put "choo choo" on TV. Mistake #1 buying Thomas Train video. If Isaac had his way it would be on 24/7 (even when he is not in the room).

I will try to get some pics of the house and boys soon. Love to you all!

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